The US District Court Judge presiding over the civil suit* against a number of Lebanese banks who allegedly provided financial support to Hezbollah, in the form of banking and financial services, has struck out all references to Beirut attorney Ashraf Safieddine, who the plaintiffs allege was associated with Hezbollah-controlled corporations which were formed by the attorney.

The Court, in a Memorandum & Order found that there were no allegations of any connections between attorney Achraf Safieddine and the defendant banks and that the attorney was not named as a party defendant; thus for several reasons it struck all mention of Safieddine from the Complaint. The order was without prejudice, meaning that the plaintiffs could amend their allegations to remedy the substantive defects and procedural flaws the Court pointed out in the Order, in an Amended Complaint. A copy of the Order appears below.

* Bartlett vs.Societe Generale et al,  Case No: 19cv00007 ( EDNY 2019).

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