Why choose to feature your company or product on RegTech Post?

  • RegTech Post is a niche website read by decision-makers in the industry that you sell your products to: company executives, compliance officers, corporate technology buyers, technology consultants, and fintech and regtech startups
  • Your company’s logo will brand appear alongside other industry leaders, not irrelevant, or brand-diluting ads
  • The site is read by a relevant, intelligent audience who know exactly what they’re reading


Featured Posts

Our first option for advertisers is branded blog posts. This is especially value for money for those companies that have already invested in engaging client-facing articles, whitepapers or blogs. The monthly cost for this placement ranges from $2k to $10k per month, depending on the position. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of featured posts to our advertisers, only 5-10 slots per month will be strictly allocated as featured posts, so be sure to grab your slot.

For pricing or other inquiries, email feature@regtechpost.com.


Job Posts

Our second option for advertisers are job posts. This is a great opportunity for those looking for engineers or other talent who are also passionate and informed about the latest in the fintech and regtech industry. Each job placement is $100 per month.

For price options or other questions, email hiring@regtechpost.com.


RegTech Events Posts

Our third option for advertisers is the addition of your event link to our calendar, the Internet’s best summary of major national and international regtech industry events. Each event listing is $100 per month. For an event to be featured more prominently, we suggest advertising the event as a Featured Post. It will also automatically added into our calendar.

If you’d like your event listed, send event details to events@regtechpost.com or fill out this form.


Banner Ads

Our fourth option for sponsoring Techmeme is through banner ads on the website page. RegTech Post does not use Google Ads and your logo will never be featured alongside tacky ads.

For details on availability and cost, email bannerads@regtechpost.com.