Lest we forget, the Waked Money Laundering Organization (MLO) is alive and well in the Republic of Panama. Nidal Waked Hatum may have been convicted, and done some time in a Federal Prison, but the organization continues to clean drug cash from Colombia and Mexico.

Other OFAC-designated organization members are:
Mohamed Waked Fares
Gazy Waked Hatum
Ali Waked Hatum
Jalal Waked Hatum
Mohamed Abdo Waked Darwich
Norman Douglas Castro Montoto (attorney)
Lucia Touzard Romo (attorney)

Waked family after Nidal’s release from prison

Remember that Nidal Waked Hatum is a triple national, Colombia, Spain and Lebanon; you can expect that all the Wakeds listed above are carrying Lebanese and Spanish passports.Should you suspect that you are unwittingly banking A Waked MLO family member, use your facial recognition technology software system to confirm identity, using available social media and social networking resources.

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